Rainy Morning

April 26th, 2012

We spent some time outside this morning. Our backyard isn’t much. A patch of grass with a budding orange tree in the corner. Beside the patch is a gated area with an empty hole of a once-pool. Our plan is to salvage that expanse and turn it into a garden and dining area. Anthony has sketched out his dream backyard and Ella is anxious for a garden to grow her flowers and tomato plants. First we have to break up the pool plaster and fill in that giant hole with tons of dirt. It’s too bad dirt costs so much, and too ironic to think about.

What we do have in our backyard, on that small patch of grass with a baby tree plunked in it, is two little girls always ready for fun. They’re oblivious to the size, I think. They see the potential in that grass instead of what it could or should or hopefully one day will be.

So this morning after peanut butter toast and strawberries, we ventured out into the grass. Ella was an explorer, examining all the weeds that had popped up overnight. Plucking their tiny yellow flowers and making wishes on the lone dandelion in the center of that patch. She pinched her thumb and index finger together and held them to her eye, a makeshift magnifying glass so she could see all the details. Poppy tottered this way and that, making her haphazard trail with her baby doll tucked under her arm like a football. We played baseball, we tossed beanbags, we blew bubbles that the wind carried up and over the house.

When it started to sprinkle, we headed back inside. And today I think we’ll embrace the rainy scent that swirls through the house. I’ll admire the gloomy skies above and we’ll have a much needed lazy day at home.

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PS – Anthony and I will be attending the Arizona Blogger Conference this Saturday! (Look at that lineup!) I’m so excited – now, what to wear?
Will you be there? I’m hoping I can not be too shy and say hello!


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  1. auntie t says:

    Yay love your little patch of backyard! After doing raised beds in ours I realized people are always trying to get rid of dirt and soil, you just have to watch like a hawk – check Craigslist and borrow a truck and you’ll have plenty in no time (http://phoenix.craigslist.org/search/zip?query=dirt&srchType=A&minAsk=&maxAsk=)

    Just make sure the top couple feet are good soil, not just excavation dirt, so your plants grow healthy and clean.

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