Over the Weekend

February 19th, 2012

The more I look at this photo, the more I love it. Classic Ella Faye at the age of three.
Camera in hand, stuffy friend, a letter from her friend Madilyn clutched tightly against her.
Ella-picked outfit, teddy bear band-aid. Oh I love it.

This weekend was pretty calm for us and seemed to drag on juuust a tad. Weird, right? But it was a nice kind of slow, filled with sweet spots here and there…

Saturday morning we tried making our first puffed pancake for breakfast. I’d seen one in my Instagram feed and immediately had to go find a recipe – a puffed up giant pancake? Yes, please. It was pretty cool to watch it rise through the oven window. It grew so tall that it reached the rack above it. Once it was done, we split it up, sprinkled it with powdered sugar and a little syrup and ate! It was really delicious. We used this recipe. I think we’ll do it again next weekend…

Anthony took the girls on a few errand runs later that morning and I stayed home and cleaned house. No music, no TV as background noise, just me and silence. It was so nice!

The weather was so beautiful I knew I had to get out at some point, so we grabbed lunch and came home for a pair of unsuccessful naps for a pair of wily girls.

That evening our good friends came over for dinner and we fixed up fajitas (the boys’ favorite). It was such a fun visit – we love spending time with those two…

Today was for French toast, crocheting more granny squares, favorite movies, and playing. After nap we ventured out for hot chocolate (Ella’s request since breakfast time), and I snapped some photos of the littlest girl in the cutest vintage dress (post to come!). We made vegetable dumplings and promptly devoured them. Another recipe we’ll make again! We loosely followed this one, subbing mushrooms for tofu and bok choy for cabbage. Yumm.

I didn’t take a lot of photos this weekend, which seems very odd to me, but it was nice to let go of the phone for some extra time these past couple of days. Here is what I did catch:

I hope your weekend was sweet and relaxing. Here’s to a great week! I’m getting a few posts lined up for the week tonight – Tiny Style, handmade, and outfits, oh my!


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