Sleepy, Sneaky Afternoon

May 28th, 2013

I asked Ella why she thought she and Poppy were arguing so much today…

“Well I think it’s because we need to take some naps.”

So I jumped on the opportunity and we all jumped into bed and would you guess who was asleep within minutes?

And would you guess who snuck out of the room to color?

And would you guess who then dragged her heavy sleep-hopeful head out of bed to accompany the little trickster?

How I wanted to stay in bed and sleep next to that bundle. How I wish there had been two bundles to snuggle off to dreamland with.

But we’d been duped by Ella Faye. It was not the first time and it most certainly will not be the last…

Frances ❤s Summer & a Giveaway! (Closed)

May 8th, 2013

Erin, Elyse, and Rebecca! Thank you for sharing your Summertime favorites – I’ll be sending all three of you a magazine!

Friday night we headed out to Frances in Central Phoenix for their 7 year anniversary party. Georganne, the owner of this sweet boutique, & her amazing team have created such a bright & welcoming home in the heart of our capital. If you live around these parts & haven’t stopped in, get there as fast as you can! It’s chock-full of sweet stationary, beautiful handmade jewelry, cute clothes, the most amazing line of Remix shoes, and even has plenty of somethings for the guys and babies in your life. Ant has been complimented on what a thoughtful gift-giver he is many times and I am here to tell you – it’s because he shops here. (Secret’s out, bud!) Plus, there are so many other great shops & eateries surrounding Frances that it’s the easiest thing to plan out a Saturday or Sunday just traipsing around Phoenix shopping, filling your belly, & fostering a happy heart. So you get yourself to the neighborhood, stat!

Frances was also celebrating their first magazine release, the Frances ❤s Summer guide! It’s 50 pages of beautiful photographs, beautifully styled. So many talented people worked on this project, it’s a wonderful collaboration of several inspiring local artists and hard workers. It features 50+ ways to stay cool in this beloved desert of ours, Summer style tips, awesome local places to eat, and a handful of inspiring people to watch for. Also! Summer recipes, gardening tips, & the cutest 4th of July party ideas. Really it’s so thorough & full of inspiration, & focuses on the GOOD parts of a Phoenix Summer, which we all need a reminder of when the temperatures reach scorching digits.

We were so honored when Georganne contacted our family about being a part of it. You can see us wearing clothing & accessories from Frances & GROWop boutique. We had the best time shooting on the farm that day & Ella is just thrilled to see herself in a magazine! (Well we all are!)

Friday was a blast. Chatting with friends, flipping through this new magazine & feeling so much love for this space we’ve all created a home in was the perfect reminder to be happy where we are. We are lucky to live here. And we are lucky to have met such an amazing group of movers & shakers doing good, inspiring things in our community.

And now a chance to get your own copy of Frances ❤s Summer!! Georganne was so generous to give us a few extra for family and giveaways, so today I’m giving away two copies of this awesome little mag!

To enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Summer where you live. Whether you’re local and feeling the Summer vibes already, or won’t be feeling it for some time where you are, let me know what you love! I’ll pick two winners randomly and post the names here next Wednesday. Good luck!



May 6th, 2013

Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week, it’s bright and sunny and for the time being, a glorious 73 degrees outside our door. Wait why are we not outside right now…?

We had a full busy weekend, with just the right amount of time out and about balancing our time in the house. We kicked off our weekend at the Frances anniversary and magazine release party. (More on that in a post this week, plus a giveaway!) We talked, shopped, danced, and ate Short Leash hot dogs and Mamma Toledo pie from the food trucks. What a great crowd and celebration to inspire the weekend!

The girls spent most of their Saturday climbing on a jungle gym, Ant spent most of his time being said jungle gym, and I got some time to work on a play kitchen for the girls’ new playroom. The mister and I had a date night at home sharing chips and salsa, a giant salad, and the best Arnold Palmer from Pita Jungle. We watched Silver Linings Playbook again and you know, sometimes staying in just beats getting dressed up and going out.

Sunday morning we actually made it to church! Lately we’ve been absent more often than I care to admit but it feels like we’ve finally reached a turning point with Poppy’s patience. A couple trips to the drinking fountain seem to sustain her now, rather than wanting to run around the lobby the entire hour. To be there surrounded by all our church families felt so good. I’m incredibly grateful to have this spiritual home. After church we headed straight for a brunch date at Windsor with our friends Erin and Alex and baby Kami! A sweet visit, a little cocktail and a dozen donut holes later, we headed home with very full bellies. Naps were had, park time was enjoyed, and then we gorged on chicken tacos and warm brownies at my parents’ house. Full, happy weekend filled with yummy food and favorite people…always a winning combination!

Things to be excited about this week, big and small alike:

80 degree temps all week! Perfect for lounging on the patio (maybe with a homemade Arnold Palmer) and outdoor art projects will definitely be on the docket for this week…
We’re attempting to plan a few upcoming family vacations both with my family and Ant’s. I’m excited to get a little deeper into the details with those…
Mother’s Day! Creating some special gifts for the ladies we love. Ella is the biggest proponent of gift giving and I love to see her putting her all into it…
Planning a few posts and features for this space!

So how about you? What are you excited for this week?


Hello Out There

May 4th, 2013

Hello out there, hello!

It’s been such a long time. This six month break was definitely unexpected but turned out to be so welcome. Although it felt good to step away, I’ve really missed stopping in here and today I feel so excited to creep back in.

Right now I have little two year old toes quite literally touching my nose and a messy face looking up at me. Big sister’s monster roars fill my ears and I’m flanked by an iced mocha on one side and my mister on the other. It’s Saturday morning and the music is flowing from the kitchen. This is my favorite time of the entire week.

I am so excited to be back. So much love and appreciation to everyone that has hung on and stuck around. You are the best, and I know that for certain.